Bottle art for beginners part 2

We have met some of the tools for doing bottle art in ‘bottle art for beginners part 1’ now here are the remaining tools.

4) Varnish Varnish is applied to protect the paint on the bottle from scratches. Varnish is not necessary but it is good if you apply it. Varnish is to be applied with a brush.

5) Masking Tape Masking tape is good for some painting techniques on bottle as it gives a perfect edge. Let’s try doing a simple bottle art with masking tape –

Step 1 – First to start painting the top portion┬ástick the masking tape a little below from the middle so that you get an equal amount of space as shown in the picture below. Or you could cut your masking tape into a thin strip and stick it right in the middle.

Step 2 – After sticking the masking tape start painting the top portion with red colour using a sponge.

Step 3 – After you paint the upper part let it dry. Once it’s dry remove the masking tape and you will get a really nice edge.

Step 4 – Now paint the bottom half orange colour with care.

Step 5 – Now decorate your bottle art with designs and make it attractive. You could also use cut outs. And finally your bottle art is ready ­čÖé

I hope you liked this blog. I will be uploading some bottle art ideas shortly. Have fun!

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