My Introduction to Smart Tech

A talk on ‘How AI and and Smart Tech are helping protect marine megafauna’ at The City of Perth Library

Have you ever seen a flatback turtle snacking on the fin of a live whale shark swimming peacefully?


Old Mill

The Old Mill in South Perth

Everyone loves a treasure hunt. I regularly go on a ‘treasure hunt’ to find the chocolates hidden by my mother in the kitchen! Recently I played a ‘real’ treasure hunt when I visited the Old Mill in South Perth.



Origami Zoomerang

“Wow, this paper plane really comes back to your hand!”

We received a ‘Zoomerang’ gift from Sanny Ang. It is a paper airplane that can come back to us after being thrown into the air at an upward angle. Sanny even made a zoomerang in front of the class in under 50 seconds!

Art Travel

‘The Snow’

Grace Chow as Thea Sutton on the publicity image for ‘The Snow’

How do you portray a character on stage and convey emotions to viewers when the story demands the scene to be set in complete darkness?

I’m pleasantly surprised how shadows and shadow puppets can overcome the above constraints on stage.