Origami Zoomerang

“Wow, this paper plane really comes back to your hand!”

We received a ‘Zoomerang’ gift from Sanny Ang. It is a paper airplane that can come back to us after being thrown into the air at an upward angle. Sanny even made a zoomerang in front of the class in under 50 seconds!

Sanny’s ‘World Record’ attempt of 50 seconds! 😉
Instruction for making the zoomerang. Click on the above image for a larger preview.

Recently we attended an origami workshop hosted by the City of Perth Library as part of the library activities for kids during school holidays. I attended two origami classes with my sister, taught by Sanny Ang. He used ‘Storigami’ — different ways of storytelling — to guide us through the process of making origami.

In the morning class, we learnt to make a ‘flutterfly’ and ‘The Dragon’s Mouth’. The folds and techniques were simple to do.

‘The Dragon’s Mouth’ and ‘flutterfly’

In the afternoon class, we made more complex origami: ‘The Dancing Crane’ and ‘The House’ that turns into a grand piano! We also made simpler ‘Lips’ and a ‘Heart Bookmark’.

‘Lips’, ‘The House’, ‘Heart Bookmark’ and The Dancing Crane’

Sanny Ang explained and shown each steps multiple times patiently. Young kids like my sister received additional help from two library staff in folding and correcting origami.

Sanny Ang showcased the ‘Origami Insects’, ‘Palm Leaf Grasshopper’ and ‘Plastic Watch Strap’ he has made earlier. They were very well designed and fascinating!

He also displayed his talent in rotating a stack of paper into a circular fan pattern and he explained how this can be done.

The class was equally enjoyed by the parents and carers as well as kids. Sanny made sure that all the grown ups also received his zoomerang gifts.

I really enjoyed the classes along with my sister. I’m looking forward for more such events at the library. Thank you Sanny Ang and the organizers for the amazing experience!

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