Subiaco Museum

After spending a day in Subiaco, I visited the Subiaco Museum and also got to see one of the Bille Bob the Giant.

The Subiaco Museum was build in 1923 as the number 2 substation for the Subiaco Municipal Electric Light Supply. In 1975 the Subiaco Historical Society established a museum which in 1995 was taken custodianship by the City of Subiaco.

The interesting things I saw in the Subiaco Museum were the old chocolate boxes, tea boxes and other products being exhibited.

I saw assorted chocolate boxes from Nestle and Cadbury and some other brands as well as some tea boxes.

Chocolate boxes displayed at the museum
An old Lactogen tin displayed at the museum
Tea products displayed at the museum

There were products of brands like Colgate and Gillette.

Old daily used products like tooth paste, soap, cigarettes, shaving stick, shaving blades displayed at the museum

While wandering around Subiaco I also spotted Bille Bob the Giant in Subiaco Theatre Gardens. The wooden sculpture is part of the exhibition called ‘Giants of Mandurah’ by Thomas Danbo.

I had a really fun time in Subiaco visiting the Museum and the Subiaco Theatre Gardens and Mueller Park.

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