My Children’s Day Presentation

During one of my online classes, my class teacher asked who all would like to participate for the 2020 children’s day program.

I first thought of doing a speech but then got the idea of doing a presentation on children’s day. And I was one among the two to prepare a Children’s Day presentation.

My actions started from then… As usual I approached my inspiration 🙂 (my Father) and we searched for information and things related to Bal Diwas (Children’s Day).

We got many photos and stamps of Jawaharlal Nehru. And also found an interesting quiz book called “The Wild Wisdom Quiz Book.” Surprisingly the third volume of the quiz book was published today on Bal Diwas! I am planning to purchase the first two volumes from Flipkart.

We got many interesting things related to Bal Diwas that we then put together to create the presentation. 

I sent the presentation to my class teacher and got good remarks from her.

Finally, today I presented it to my classmates and they all loved it :)….

Hurray !

Following are the slides from the presentation:

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Congratulations Ahla, you are so talented. Do keep up the great work and may you succeed in all that you do

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